DAJU 5 Pairs Women's Crew Socks Colorful Cotton Casual Socks(within Gift BOX)

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Manufacturer Description

DAJU Have Designed The Cutest Crew Socks For Women!

Just because the biggest part of a sock is hidden, it doesn't mean that the design and the color of the sock don't matter!

If you are a woman who know how to dress and want always have a complete outfit, get these crew socks now!

The striped cotton socks are a must-have piece of clothing that any woman needs in her everyday life.

Your Feet Will Be Thankful To You For These Cotton Socks!

Wearing cotton socks is the best thing you could do for your feet and their health and hygiene.

When you wear socks and shoes all day long, you have a high risk of getting fungal infections.

The DUJA cotton crew socks will prevent that from happening, since they are absolutely breathable and sweat-absorbing!

Cute, Comfortable And Durable - All At Once!

Apart from obviously cute, these striped casual socks for women are also undoubtedly comfortable!

Thanks to the elastic fabric, smooth toe seams and Y-stitched heels, these socks will fit you perfectly and stay in place!

Plus, you can wash them as often as needed - they will never lose their softness, elasticity and beautiful colors!

Get This Set Of 5 Crew Socks For You Or A Friend!

The sports crew socks come in a pack of 5 and they will be delivered to you in an elegant gift-ready box.

So place an order today and get the soft cotton socks for you or for a friend or family member!

You can be 100% sure that any woman will love these striped crew socks, so don't hold back!

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Product Features

?THE SOFTEST CREW SOCKS: DAJU has designed the most comfortable crew socks for women! These casual socks are made with the best quality cotton, thanks to which they are incredibly soft and breathable! The cotton socks will absorb the moisture, so your feet will be warm but not sweaty. ?DESIGNED TO BE COMFORTABLE: Don't you hate it when your socks slide down and they have annoying toe seams? The DAJU crew socks have smooth toe seams and Y-stitched heels, so they can fit perfectly anyone who wears shoes of US size 5-10! Plus, they are elastic, so they will stay in place! ?5 SOCKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: If want to have healthy, fungus-free feet and toes, you need to wear cotton socks and change them regularly! Conveniently, the DAJU cotton socks come in packs of 5, so you can change them often and never run out of socks until the dirty ones are clean and dry again! ?BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS AND COLORS: All 5 crew socks of a DAJU pack are patterned, however, each one of them has different color combinations - some of them have darker colors and some of them brighter. So based on your outfit and your mood, you can pick the pair of socks that you prefer! ?THE BEST GIFT FOR WOMAN: The DAJU cotton casual socks come in a beautiful gift-ready box, and they are the ideal gift for any woman! Apart from unbelievably practical and needed, these socks are also undeniably cute, so any woman would be excited to receive them as a gift!

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